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High-strength or heat-treated fasteners are often required to handle the tensile, shear or combination loads on the bolted joints in demanding applications. Many demanding applications require high-strength fasteners in order to handle high tensile and shear stresses generated by the applied loads on the bolted or fastened joint. The Heat Treatment Department conducts hardening and tempering to ensure that the fasteners meet the required strength and hardness class. This is needed to prevent unacceptable safety risks in the application of the fasteners. The defining characteristic for product quality is core hardness. The requirement for this characteristic is that the product attains, at a minimum, 90 percent martensite grain structures.

At XPS, heavy investment has been done to install the latest and state of the art continuous furnace to ensure that the desired results are achieved every time. Regular maintenance and check-ups are done to maintain the same quality. All the data are stored and can be shown on demand.